Sunday, February 22, 2009

Victory in Spades, Victory by Coupon, Victory on Reserve

As I whimpered in my last entry, I apologize for the lapse in my usually faithful, near-daily posting. As an apology, I have for you readers today not one, but THREE brand new comics for you to eye-fuck. The first is one in yet another (potential) series, which is yet untitled (because I can't think of a clever pun for it. Basically, ya got yer tarot cards. They're supposed to be magical, an' maybe they are, I don't know. But all people really want to ask about is whether or not they're gonna have 'em some sex or get rich or any such thing in an array of selfish nonsense, or they want it to tell them something they already think, or to do something they already want to do. So this series is dedicated, in whatever strange way, to that whole mess. This particular little number is the dreaded NINE OF BUTTHOLES:

This second illustration is only the second actual comic strip I've posted on here, and at the behest of my seasoned colleague and roommate, I doodled it. This was a good idea, both because I didn't feel like dedicating the time and energy to fully illustrating five panels for a cheap joke, and because I need to work on my doodling skills. Note that drew three different Batmans in three different panels. I know looking at it is sort of like watching a WNBA game--all fundamentals and no slam-dunks--but I need to affirm my existence by foisting even my worst work onto other people. , if you like funny Batman comics, be sure to click on this highlighted section of text. Anyways:

I don't have too much to say about this last installment. I'm a big fan of guns, dinosaurs, and nuclear explosions, and I think that comes out pretty well in this piece. Also, you'll notice President Bush's head conveniently blocks out a portion of the caption which contains the name of the recipient of this drawring. I assure you that you wouldn't be missing out on anything more interesting than a former statesman's befuddled expression if I moved it out of the way. A man's gotta protect his peers' identities, don't he?

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