Monday, February 2, 2009


Welp, I do believe it's time for yet another change in my blog. I've been usin' 'er as sort of a publishing house for whatever funny or interesting shit I find on internets, which I guess is sort of what Mediation does, and that won blog of the year last(?) year. Meanwhile, most of my profile views come from me, checking to see if anyone has visited my profile. I need something new in here. Sure, posting things made by other people to make oneself look cool by association is an honorable and even an important service. Culture is a lonely, individual experience without dispensaries to spread it around and mush it all together. But I want to be the peanut butter, not the knife. I lust to create things that people think are cool enough to send to their friends and to write praising articles about for alternative newspapers and zines and shit. I've been reading a lot of comic blogs lately, and it makes me wish I wasn't such a shitty graphic artist. Blogs are not the place to drop the kind of heavy truth I'm spitting, and the only ones I read are fraught with short entries and brief, though sometimes profound messages. So, I don't know. Maybe expect some sort of drawings soon.

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